Success Stories

Some of the miracles I’ve seen in my travels.

I always travel with a team. Due to the excitement in evangelistic meetings, people can claim to be healed out of hype but because we know that God can and does do miracles, we follow up at a later date to make sure these claims can be substantiated.

During the meeting, when people claim a miracle, we take their details. Three months later, we write to the organiser to see how those people are doing. Then three months after that, we check again. Whether we report the miracles or not depends on the results of these checkups and any documentation we can see from doctors.

Up to 6 months after we’ve left these villages, we hear of people still getting saved as a result of the word which was preached. Whole villages are saved. Businesses are started. Buildings are built. Churches spring up. Revival breaks out. 


1. Uganda 2014.

  • A man with a crippled arm and hand healed

  • A crippled girl totally healed and was able to walk, her mother got saved as a result

  • A young woman who had been cursed and the number 6 appeared on her foot (seen by us) got set free, saved and the number 6 disappeared from her foot.

  • A woman with charms sewn into her body as a child (have seen this many times) vomited them up and was healed from paralysis on one side of her body, as well as financial miracles i.e. jobs came to them after a long time of being unemployed.

  • A man with a fused elbow and limited function began to move his elbow and was able to move his whole arm above his head for the first time in many years.

“Before your presence, we had 5 churches but after your preaching, we have grown to 9 churches. For that reason, we are eager to see you again here together with your team.”



2. Pakistan 2015.

  • An 11 year old who had never spoken before received his voice. His first word was “Jesus”. His second was “Hallelujah”. The village went wild and his sister gave her life to the Lord. A year later, we have heard that he’s now in a mainstream school (he’d never been to school before) and he’s doing well.

  • A 95 year old Muslim man experienced God’s power and fell to the floor. When he got up he screamed “Hallelujah” and gave his life to Jesus for the first time.

  • We rebuked a spirit of death of a woman dying of an unknown illness who hadn’t eaten properly in months. She wept so hard for so long. She woke up the next day and ate lots of food and has been putting on weight ever since.

  • A woman suffering from strokes was able to lift her arm for the first time in 10 years.

  • The place where we stayed is owned by a Muslim family. We visited them and they said we could pray for them. They had been complaining of bad dreams and illness for the past 5 years. They believed a curse was put on them. The dad had lost his business 5 years ago too and all of their children had illness. We prayed and started to bless them, reversing the curse. The mother manifest and got violent. We rebuked the unclean spirit, she screamed and fell to the floor. When she got up she saw she was also healed. The whole family gave their lives to the Lord that day. The next day we went to say goodbye to them and she was smiling so big, having had the first good nights sleep in many years. And the diabetes blood sugar was normal without any drugs.